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Helping students and families advocate for services and supports they need in school

Sometimes it is difficult to communicate with school districts when your child has a disability. The IEP (Individualized Education Plan) process can be confusing. We can help! Whether you are a parent or someone from a school our Children and Youth Services Coordinator can help. Based off of state and federal law the Coordinator can:

  • Help parents and families understand the IEP process.
  • Work with the IEP team to recommend specially designed instruction (SDIs)
  • Recommend transitioning activities
  • Develop a transition plan with the youth
  • Provide resource information
  •  Attend meetings
  • And more depending on the needs of the child or young adult

Who can get help?

Any youth (or parent on their behalf) between the ages of 3-21, or any staff persons of any of the 18 school districts in Berks County.

Presentations on educational needs and transitioning youth are also possible.

Effective November 1, 2015 Abilities in Motion will be charging a fee for educational advocacy as follows:

Ongoing services

Starting November 1, 2015, a rate of $40.00 per hour will be billed for all educational advocacy.  This fee includes all emails, conference calls, IEP meetings and discussions held with the family or IEP team and any other activity relating to educational advocacy. If the educational advocate needs to travel to a meeting they will also be billed for travel time at the above rate.

Families will be billed on the 15th day of the month following the date of service. Abilities in Motion will make every effort to minimize charges that are billed to families. You will not be charged per email or per call, but rather the time spent in total per day. Hours can be broken into 15 minute increments.

One time consultation fee:

Families seeking IEP consultation on a one time only basis will be charged a flat rate of $200.00. This consultation fee includes a two hour meeting with an educational advocate who will provide the family with information, action steps to take, and a 30 minute follow-up call once the action steps are taken.  If the family seeks an ongoing educational advocate and or representation at IEP meetings, they will be charged at the established $40 per hour rate.

For program specifics, please contact Jaclyn Nagle, MPA at 610-376-0010 x 104.