Corporate Office
210 North Fifth Street
Reading, PA 19601

Phone: 610-376-0010
TTY: 610-288-2301
Toll Free: 888-376-0120


Q: What if I have lost my housing arrangement?
A:  No problem.  We can assist with searching for housing.

Q:  Can I get help once I am discharged from a nursing home?
A:  Yes.  We can assist with setting up home care services prior to your discharge.

Q:  The nursing home says I need 24 hour care, how can I go home if I live alone?
A:  We will work with the nursing facility staff as well as home and community based providers to ensure a safe and supportive care plan can be put together before discharge.

Q:  My house/apartment has steps and I am now using a wheelchair.  How can I go back home?
A:  We can provide home evaluations with your therapist to determine what type of accessible home modifications may be needed.

Q: Why do I need a Financial Management Service (FMS) Provider?
A:  Certain tasks related to setting you up as an employer, filing taxes, paying your worker and obtaining workers' compensation insurance can be daunting to say the least.  It is the role of the FMS Provider to make sure that all that is required of you in carrying out these tasks is done correctly.  The FMS Provider is not the employer of your are.

Q: What services does AIM provide?
A:  Please see our Services tab.

Q: What is the Consumer-Directed Model?
A:  The Consumer-Directed Model allows you to be the employer of the workers who provide your service.  Your workers work directly for your and not for a homecare agency.  This means you choose your worker, you hire your worker, you may terminate your worker and you schedule your worker for the assitance you need.  You are in charge. 

Q: How do I apply to get help at home?
A: If you are between the ages of 18 - 59 you may call Maximus at 1-877-550-4227.
If you are age 60 or over, please contact your local Office of Aging.


Q:  How can AIM help with housing?
A:  We do not find you housing.  However, the CIL Department can provide you with a list of housing options and assist you with filling out paperwork when needed.

Q:  Does AIM assist with home modifications?
A:  In some cases.  Please call the CIL Department for more details.

Q:  Can AIM help you find a job?
A:  Our Ticket to Work and GROW programs can assist and guide you in the job process.   

Q:  Can you help with my child in school?
A:  Yes, please see the Educational Advocacy page.

Q:  My wheelchair broke, can AIM help?
A:  The CIL Department can possibly refer you to services that can help.

Q:  How do I get a parking placard?
A:  PennDOT has a form that both you and your doctor can fill out.  The form can be found at

Q:  How do I get a wheelchair? Cane? Walker?
A:  The CIL Department can refer you to services that can help.

Q:  How do I get transportation?

A:  The CIL Department can refer you to services that can help.  Information on the public transportation system in Berks County can be found at